ShaNita is gifted with the ability to assess a situation, recognize the cause of issues, and design a workable plan of action that empowers individuals or businesses to achieve desired results and create new possibilities.

Speaker, Coach, and Trainer specializing in personal, professional, and leadership development; and communications. With 20+ years of leadership and business experience that spans public and private sectors, her career journey has provided her unique leadership experiences in

NC Business Leader, Philanthropist Donates $20,000 to CFF for Thanksgiving Meals

As food prices continue to soar, many families have turned to local non-profit organizations for assistance with covering their Thanksgiving meal. Children & Families First was prepared to answer the call thanks to a generous donation from local business leader and philanthropist, Marcus T. Johnson.

Johnson, a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life and work to enhancing the lives of under-served populations, donated 400 gift checks valued at $50 each to low-income families enrolled in C

Guilford County opens new COVID-19 testing site due to increasing demand

In response to the increasing demand for COVID-19 testing, the Guilford County Division of Public Health, Cone Health, MAKO Medical and the City of Greensboro recently opened a new testing site inside of Piedmont Hall.

The site began testing on Saturday, Jan. 8 and will be available until Friday, Jan. 21 with no out-of-pocket cost to community members. It is a decision that Cone Health CEO, Dr. Mary Jo Cagle says will be important in reducing the spread of COVID-19 as well as easing the burden

Early childhood apprenticeship program addresses growing recruitment, retention challenges

According to a survey published in July by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), recruiting and retaining qualified early childhood educators has been a longstanding problem. However, since the pandemic, conditions have worsened with 81% of survey respondents saying that recruiting and retaining qualified educators is now even more difficult. Adding to the dilemma is low wages. Seventy-eight percent of survey respondents cited extremely low wages as their main rec

Me First: Why I Gave Up Self-Sacrificing for Self-Care

I am strong. I do everything in my power to make sure my family is taken care of. I am resilient. I work hard. When challenges arise, I know how to keep it together. I do what needs to be done without a fuss even when my plate is full because I am aware of the expectations people have of me. I am a Strong Black Woman -- or so I thought.

According to a published in the Journal of Black Psychology, everything I thought I was, was rooted in a perception that, often worn as a badge of honor, had se

GCD Success Story: Single Mom Finds New Job, Brighter Future

Alyssa joined Guilford Child Development’s Family Success Center in the summer of 2019. The high school graduate and mother of one expressed an interest in career development, but after talking with Melissa Tearry, her Family Success Center Career Coach, it was determined that Alyssa needed more.

“I realized that she was underemployed,” Melissa said. “Where she was working was not going to help her become self-sufficient or even sustain her and her daughter.”

Fortunately, Alyssa’s decision to


A single mother at 19, Chiqita Cook worked hard to provide for her son, Julian. However, just before his second birthday, Chiqita realized there was something Julian needed that was beyond her immediate ability to provide.

“I started noticing that my son wasn’t doing some of the same things as other kids his age,” she recalls. “Julian wasn’t talking or interacting with other adults or children. He was not formulating sentences, and his speech wasn’t what it should have been at that time.”


Avoiding the Comparison Trap

The thoughts came at random. They came frequently, but with no obvious triggers, like something someone said or did. Their timing, however, was impeccable. The thoughts didn't come when I was busy at work or playing with my kids. The thoughts came in my quietest moments, shortly after waking and while getting myself ready for the day ahead.

They came when I should have been reflecting on my morning devotions and listening for what God was trying to say to me. But these thoughts, they were so lo

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They're all familiar with the phrase "practice makes perfect," but last weekend, the Men's Club Lacrosse Team wasn't aiming for perfection, but rather improvement. In what they call their Fall Ball Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, the 37-member team played teams from Marquette University, Oakland University, the University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan in efforts to not only brush up on their playing skills before the season officially begins in the spring, but to also have fun doing it.